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Paul's leadership team coaching protocols occur at many levels of management, from entrepreneurs and managers all the way to the C-suite


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Paul authored two books: A Networking Book and Demigods, Aiens, & Ordinary People


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Leadership Team Coaching

The process of helping organizations enhance their teamwork and effectiveness to achieve performance goals.​

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A short networking story

Even after writing A Networking Book a few years ago, I’m still amazed at the power of networking and the power of people. My most recent challenge was to get my second book, Demigods, Aliens, and Ordinary People, into the hands of the Romanian people, given that I have lived here for so many years. It’s a known fact that it’s very difficult to get

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Do You need a Coach, a Mentor, or a Big Brother/Sister?

At times, mentoring can be the right solution. At other times you need a coach, or maybe you just need to have a conversation with your big brother or sister. What’s the difference? Mentors impart knowledge and experience. The focus is on career and personal development. Mentoring is about giving advice, providing training, transferring knowledge, and providing you with contacts. The mentor gives advice and

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diversity and inclusion

Navigating Diversity and Inclusion

Someone very wise once said: “If you want to learn something, teach it.” I needed to better understand Diversity and inclusion (D&I) before teaching it; I needed to do my homework. I was introduced to the topic through clients, colleagues, and experts. I admit that I was misguided and had preconceived notions about D&I since I immediately attributed it to gender: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender,

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