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Paul Renaud for Forbes Life

My interview for Forbes Life. 1. Cât este de importantă prima impresie în activitatea ta de zi cu zi (în coaching)? O primă“impresie bună” ajută întotdeauna. Avem tendința de a ne conecta mai ușor cu cei din jur dacă afișăm un aer cât se poate de prietenos, iar oamenii, în general, au tendința de a se înconjura de semenii cu care rezonează. Însa, pentru a…

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Paul Renaud @ Roraty Club Bucuresti Nord, 8th of April 2019

A short keynote with “3 Networking Ideas” at Biz in Action, an event organized by Rotary Club Bucuresti Nord. Biz in Action is a business networking event that brings together, in a formal environment, entrepreneurs and leaders from the local business community to create new business opportunities, exchange best practices and find solutions to the challenges of the moment.

Paul Renaud @ Oracle, 13th of March 2019

The Coalition Building workshop raises the awareness and benefits of Networking internally. The senior Leaders at Oracle will feel great and compelled about learning a different approach to Coalition Building and they will go back home ‘fired up’ about new takeaways to help them become more effective and engaged within their organization, while understanding the importance of consistently nurturing relationships with peers, stakeholders and leaders.

Paul Renaud @ IBM, 2nd of November 2018

On November 2nd, 2018, I’ve spent a great time with the friendly team at IBM in conjunction with their EduThink by Marketing Services Center – IBM where I delivered a keynote on Networking internally. Master the art of Internal Networking in an experiential workshop consisting of several steps, as well as tips on how to become a better internal networker. In many cases professional managers…

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