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A Networking Book

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More than a book of mighty ideas, it’s a book of action! Never before has the world been so interconnected. Understanding that everything we accomplish is done through connections, networking becomes the key to success in your business, career and relationships. Many of us aren’t comfortable breaking the ice or meeting new people, but it’s a learned skill and not all that difficult. A Networking Book will get you there with ease and confidence.

Paul J.R. Renaud, author of A Networking Book is a Certified Executive Coach (ICF), international executive, lecturer and TEDx speaker. His book delivers a comprehensive look at what it takes to become an effective networker. Even if you’re in sales, marketing or communications field, entrepreneur wannabe or someone struggling with career-block you’ll find great advice tips and efficient methods to quickly bring you to the top of your game. This book applies for all: From the novice all the way to the seasoned networking Pro. No matter how comfortable we become at networking, we always need to practice and dust-off some reminders. Apply Paul’s approach to dramatically increase your skills:

  • Use the Law of Abundance to get off on the right foot.
  • Why we network and how to make it a natural, comfortable skill.
  • Identify the pleasure in the Fun, Work and Play networks, choosing those that resonate with your personality and goals.
  • Learn the Etiquette of networking, what’s appropriate and what’s not.
  • Get into action and gear up, using Paul’s sure fire methods to meet new people and put them at ease.
  • Put personal barriers behind and learn from countless international success stories.
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