The reason you would return to this blog is to get a good dose of inspiration.  People blog for a variety of reasons. My reason is that I have something to say and as a Coach and Mentor, I’m really passionate about helping people better themselves.

How do I do coach and mentor?  Well first by listening – a sign of any good coach or mentor. At times it seems people have a lot more to say than I do so this was easy for me. The next step is I go back to my resources, countless books on personal development, peak performance optimization and select what I believe is credible and relevant.  Not all authors were compelling; some were idealistic in my opinion however the “big idea” for each author has value. In some cases even if some of these authors have passed away their wisdom is thought provoking, revelatory and timeless. I have been truly blessed to have found these authors.

Then I throw in some of my own experience having worked in 14 countries over a 29 year career in addition to working and coaching with leaders such as CEOs, athletes , MBA professors, successful entrepreneurs and music artists and that makes me  pretty confident that what I have to say is well… interesting.

I have come up with I feel good as a title ( it did not come overnight) since it essentially complements  my mission: : First I fix you , then you fix something  or someone , somewhere. Social media and increasing broadband speeds are putting us all closer together and my aim is to make you feel good when you read these articles. So good in fact that you in turn may find the time, compassion or interest to do something good for someone else – either by default or by accident.

As a consummate Marketer my segment that I am reaching is wide:  Business people, NGOs, academics , athletes,  government workers, students, the unemployed, the challenged and the retired. In fact there really is no segment when it comes to wanting to feel good in my opinion.

The topics will change from one appearance to another.  My fist topic will deal with Attitude – the component that makes us or breaks us. Other topics will range from personal development, inter peer relationships, management tools and tips, branding, networking, sales, strategy and others. Quite a wide list but essentially geared to help you get the most out of your career, your life and personal space.

I promise to be insightful, dynamic and resourceful (I know…I know you have other blogs to read).

Again why?  Well because life throws daily challenges at us and sometimes we need to be reminded of some very basic truths and concepts to put us back on track.

I hope you enjoy what I want to share.

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