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Paul Renaud Bio

Professional Certified Coach (ICF), TEDx Speaker and MC, Author, “A Networking Book” and “Demigods, Aliens and Ordinary People” Paul Renaud is a native of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and the dynamic force behind helping others perform above expectations. Professional Certified Coach (ICF), he specializes in peak performance, Brain-Science & Marketing. Paul’s coaching protocols occur at many levels of management, from entrepreneurs and managers all the way…

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I love to coach

I love to Coach people for two reasons: 1) I have identified this as an inherent skill of mine and,2) I have always been someone who is interested and cared about people. Like a sports Coach I help my clients maximize their professional potential – either master new responsibilities or aspire to a new career while at the same time finding balance with other equally…

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Why a coach?

The word Coach can mean different things to different people. To keep it simple, Coaching implies a change. Why a COACH? A Coach facilitates change. You use a Coach to change something about your leadership style because: 1) You realize that you need to change,2) You realize that you want to change,3) You need help to make that change. Changing is not easy. In fact…

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