Do animals have souls?

As a coach I am often reminded of what really matters in life and I diligently remind my clients of this when I coach them.

Neale Donald Walsh inspired me with his book called Conversations with God ( Putnam, 2005).

Don’t worry – this is not a religious fanatic book and Neale is not a money-grab Evangelist or speaker. This book is a fascinating eye-opener to Spirituality – regardless of your religion, faith or beliefs. In fact I recommend busy executives to reach out and seek their own spirituality.  Spirituality is food for the soul; it reduces stress and gets your mind away from work…like going to the gym!

Neale sends me daily thoughts and this one was special to me:

‘On this day of your life, Paul, I believe God wants you to know… …that when a loved one leaves the body, it is a cause for a genuine and special joy.

It can be difficult to experience this joy over the death of a loved one, and sadness is both perfectly natural and very “okay.”

Yet know this: your Beloved is celebrating Continuation Day. This is the most glorious experience you could possibly imagine. It is, truly, heaven!

And there is this: You will once again reunite with the soul of this loved one. Nor will you ever be separate even now, for their Essence flies to you at your very thought of them.

I would not tell you this were it not true.’

Having lost both of my parents I could not agree more, I often speak to my Dad for advice and he answers in his quirky, uncanny ‘ smart alec’ way as if he was only a phone call away and my Mom, well she gives me advice too but in her own caring way.

Life is at times unfair and dealing with death is one of those unfair moments – especially for a loved one. Neale is quick to remind us that they are always with us.

Your thoughts summon them!

What does this have to do with the title: Do animals have souls?

Neale introduced me to the notion that all living entities have souls: Humans, animals, plants – again I recommend that you read the book to get your own appreciation.

In his conversation, Neale asked God:  Do animals have souls, to which God replied:

‘You look in the eyes of your favorite pet and you tell me … if animals have souls?’

Thank you Neale – once again.

Neale can be found here:

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