Networking success story (I)

My purpose in writing A Networking Book was to help people learn how to network, to raise their awareness to the benefits of connecting with people. I’ve wanted to make people understand that what distinguishes highly successful people from everyone else is the way they use the power of their network!

I think this incredible success story I received from one of A Networking Book reader fully meets my book’s objective!

‘Sometimes I can’t ‘see’ an issue till I discover its solution after I read a book. In the past few years I had a big one: trusting people.
How many times I asked myself: Is it proper time to call X or Y? Better not. I’m waiting Christmas or Easter to do it. It’s easy, formal and nice. Until I found the answer in ‘A Networking Book’.

I will tell you what happened after I started to read it. During my holiday, I remembered an old friend of mine, named M. We didn’t speak for a long time but I interrupted my reading, took the mobile and called her just to see how she is. After one week, I called her again asking to meet with her boss to present our magazine and explain how his business could benefit from exposure in retail market.

After connecting on the phone, M. asked me to come alone, to her office. I was confused, but agreed. After speaking for about 10 minutes to her boss, he offered me a Commercial Director position for a well-known consumer brand – I could not believe it!

This position was my dream 2 years ago when I collaborated with them on a project, but nothing happened. I assumed that my friend M. didn’t help me enough. Wrong.

The answer came after 2 years… Finally, I felt free because I remembered: people are important, not positions, projects or presentations. I paid attention to the people…. and this means Network. I was at the right place, at the right time, because I simply reached out to my network and called a friend!

Thank you, Paul Renaud, for writing this book!’

M. Neagu, Bucharest, Romania

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