Networking success story (II)

The importance of reflecting on what you are doing, as part of the learning process, has been emphasized by many. We learn by experience and we learn from our mistakes.  Most important, by actively thinking about those experiences, and questioning ourselves about what they mean, we can make important steps to doing things better.

Here’s my invitation to reflect on your networking skills and get yourself inspired by another amazing networking story!

‘Thank you for giving me the incentive to reflect on my own networking maturity development. Earlier in my career I saw networking as a must-do – corporate diplomacy if you will. I hated it. 

Mid-career, I saw networking as opportunity to leverage common interests. I felt okay with that. Much later in my career, I see networking as societal glue. The more we connect, the more our humanity comes through, because it is with people that great things are achieved. I embrace it.

My latest great networking moment is when I invited many amazing women from my network – ranging in age from 19 to 59 – to come to my place accompanied by an up-and-coming young woman – their daughter, niece, friend. Purpose: expose young women (including my three daughters) to networking across generations and to create awareness that – yes they can – embrace networking MUCH earlier in their professional development.’

Marie-Jose Bourassa, CPA, CA, MA (Applied Human Science)Founding Partner NewLeaf Performance

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