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Professional Certified Coach (ICF), TEDx Speaker and MC, Author, “A Networking Book” and “Demigods, Aliens and Ordinary People”

Paul Renaud is a native of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and the dynamic force behind helping others perform above expectations. Professional Certified Coach (ICF), he specializes in peak performance, Brain-Science & Marketing.

Paul’s coaching protocols occur at many levels of management, from entrepreneurs and managers all the way to the C-suite. He defines his skills in coaching as the intersection of doing ‘what he enjoys’ and ‘what he’s destined to do.’ Striving for peak performance with all clients as they achieve their goals, Renaud facilitates complete client transformation and, at the same time embracing change.

Spanning a thirty-six-year career, he worked professionally at senior management levels, including Vice-President of Sales at Vodafone and Chief Commercial Officer at Orange.

Paul has coached multinationals such as Google, Coca-Cola, Philips, Adobe, ING, Bitdefender, eMAG, GE Capital, Toyota, UPS, UPC, Fokker, ORTEC, and Endava.

His clients include various industries such as manufacturing, retail, software development, packaging, online, logistics, telecoms, FMCG and law firms.

During a broad-based career Paul lived and worked in Asia, South America, North America, Europe, and Africa.

An energetic communicator and a TEDx Speaker, he centers his coaching profession on:

  • Executive coaching,
  • Behavioral coaching and peak performance
  • Brain-based interventions (Brain Science)

In 2007, Paul began specific and essential training within the coaching profession. He’s certified in Brain-based Interventions with the NeuroMindfulness Institute ( and continues to further his expertise within the International Coaching Federation. With more than nine years of coaching experience, Paul works with individuals, teams, and organizations.

Paul authored two books and white papers entitled:

  • Demigods, Aliens, & Ordinary People, 2021, available on
  • A Networking Book, 2014, available on &
  • What I’ve learned from Steve Jobs
  • Going for Growth: Generating Top Line Revenues with Marketing

He is   a    contributor   to   Biz   Magazine   and    his   I   Feel   Good   blog        (http://www.paul- deals with both Coaching and Peak Performance.

Paul developed a Coalition Building workshop, a Masters of Networking workshop and was Adjunct Professor of Marketing at the Maastricht School of Management in Bucharest.

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