Paul Renaud @ Oracle OWL workshop

On November 25th, Paul Renaud delivered an educational workshop on networking at Oracle.

Why NETwork at work? …you may wonder… Networking is absolutely essential to success in virtually any field and Paul Renaud gave us some insights on how to break down the barrier to networking’s success, making the process, easy, compelling and fun.

Last week about 80 Oracle employees had the opportunity to learn from Paul about mastering the networking in an event organized by the Oracle Women Leadership community from Romania. Paul used humor, specific examples and true-to-life scenarios to help us lock in the networking learning on how to break the ice, engage effectively and follow up productively.

Everyone engaged during the workshop and Paul mentioned about feeling  “good vibe from the participants”. We were all very interested on ideas on how to make ourselves more visible and available to opportunities. Paul managed to raise our interest, get out of our chairs and start networking.

At the end of the session we were delighted to get “A Networking Book” signed by the author himself. This is the go-to book if networking is the next skill you need to acquire.

Paul Renaud@ Oracle OWL Workshop


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