Spotlight on Peak Performance: Countdown to Paris 2024 Olympics

In Demigods, Aliens and Ordinary People, I highlighted peak performance by introducing its hero, a fellow called Chris. If you’ve read my book, you understand the difficulty of competing at the Olympics. Stamina, the endurance; the persistence, the losses, yet these demigods, these Olympians never give up.

I also built-up anticipation by not divulging the hero of my story till the very end. Well, now, I’ll leave you in on a little secret – see here.

Who is Chris?

Similar to the British series of children’s puzzle books “Where’s Waldo?”, where the goal is to find Waldo in various scenes, I’ve chosen to reveal the hero of my story and conduct an interview with him. Through this process, I have once again learned more about Chris!

Spotlight on Peak Performance: Countdown to Paris 2024 Olympics highlights the last few steps leading to the Olympics! Like most of us in business, it’s one thing to say you’re going to be making that big presentation to the board, but it’s another to get ready for it.

In this 30-minute interview, Chris reveals how to qualify for the Olympics.  He also relates that no matter how much effort he’s put into this sport, going to the Olympics is never guaranteed. See here.

Do Olympians have fears? Sure, they do – Chris tells us all about his fears. See here.

Consider for a moment being surrounded by so much international talent. Would the pressure crush Chris or, alternately, push him like never before?  Chris tells us how he dealt with pressure. See here.

Chris won a silver medal as part of the Canadian relay swimming team at the Commonwealth Games. In my book, I describe “The Team Effect,” which highlights the importance of the people who support athletes. These supporters can be teammates or individuals outside the team. Discover who the most important people were for Chris within the team! Note that maintaining dialogue and communication with teammates in sports is just as crucial as it is in business. See here.

In a poignant moment, Chris related that despite not winning an Olympic medal, he would repeat this journey unequivocally.  See here.

At the end of the video, Chris provides useful advice and insights for parents on how to encourage children if they have an interest in sports. See here.

To conclude, the sheer pleasure of learning how difficult this was for Chris and putting it into words was an immense privilege for me!

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