‘Being altruistic?’ Is this your New Year’s Resolution?

Dear friends,

As 2014 ends, it’s common to ponder about your 2015 New Year’s Resolution. In my A Networking Book presentations in 2014 audiences really connected with a fundamental of Networking called The Law of Abundance which emphasizes that being altruistic is really the first step in improving your networking skills.

You become an effective networker when you first, share a contact, give your time, an advice, your IP or resources to help someone. This is a basic definition of altruism.

Why not think about how you can help a few colleagues, friends, family, peers and/or students in 2015 by providing them what is needed to boost their career? By doing so, you will be activating the Law of Abundance and reap the benefits as well.

Thanks for your support in 2014. My journey for this book was to raise the importance of Networking as being contagious, beneficial and a ‘way of life’.

If you’ve got time to read during this break, then check out these 10 tips and my Manifesto here http://bit.ly/1wZacJm. Then pls mail me at paul@paul-renaud.com to get a free chapter – It’s my way of giving back and getting you ready for 2015…

May 2015 be your best ever!

Warm regards,

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