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Segmentation: Part 2: Who is the customer?

Welcome back – see my last blog for the definition of Segmentation: Def: Identify and selectively target prime groups of customers and potential customers, to understand their preferences and to respond with different marketing strategies that are appropriate for each chosen segment. Case: Market sizing and segmentation You are the new CEO of Kool Concept, a new residential real estate developer, a greenfield project in…

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Segmentation: Who is the customer? Part 1 of 2:

 This post is for: 1)   Marketers that need to be reminded… 2)   Non-marketers who want to challenge (read,  not criticize – that’s too easy) their Marketing peers. I usually try to convince new EMBA students to be as excited of Marketing as I am.  I don’t always succeed. When I do convince them to ‘listen up”, they soon understand how to ask their Marketing peers…

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