I love to coach

I love to Coach people for two reasons:

1) I have identified this as an inherent skill of mine and,
2) I have always been someone who is interested and cared about people.

Like a sports Coach I help my clients maximize their professional potential – either master new responsibilities or aspire to a new career while at the same time finding balance with other equally important aspects of  their lives such as their partner, family, social life and spirituality.

My blog is called “I Feel Good” and it deals with Coaching and Peak Performance so I invite you to read it.


I spend time with individuals by helping them:

a) Evaluate specific leadership behaviors,
b) Increase their leadership effectiveness,
c) Plan their careers,
d) Create milestones for development.

Coaching protocols are customized to each person’s needs and situation.

This takes the form of one-to-one meetings that are focused on the agenda of the person being coached (coachee). These meetings imply at the outset:

  • A discussion with the coachee’s leader or other appropriate stakeholders to determine the course of action.
  • A first meeting with the coachee in order to establish rapport and to test drive our work together.
  • Development of an action plan with the coachee and desired outcomes.
  • A time point to measure progress and to ensure that progress continues.

Duration and frequency of meetings:

Usually, meetings occur more frequently at the outset of the coaching relationship and are reduced over time as their goals are met and a high level of self-sufficiency and self-determination is established. As a parameter of timing meetings are 2 hours every 2 weeks with a recommended period of 3 months with the possibility that this may be extended to 6 months.

Some sessions can be done over the telephone or online.

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