Masters of Networking – Master Class@MsM Romania

Networking is a set of activities that increases the number of your contacts; friends and family, work related or professional. If one networks effectively, this translates into a larger ‘Net’ of like-minded people and this ultimately helps you, your company or your business.

Some people have a resistance to Networking or simply a lack of appreciation of the tangible benefits of Networking. With them in mind, we have created a new Master Class for the month of February, taking place on the 6th, at MsM Romania headquarter, beginning at 2pm and ending by 6pm, entitled “Masters of Networking”, and facilitated by Paul Renaud. This class provides renewed awareness to the importance of networking with guidelines and tips on how to increase business contacts.

This workshop applies to both the novice who is not comfortable, all the way to the Pro of Networking (if that exists) in an interactive, experiential and fun environment.

An event organized by Maastricht School of Management Romania in association with the Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce.

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