Networking Tip #2: WDYK

It’s happened before…you’re talking to someone and that person can’t help you: You’re not going to make the sale or this person cannot connect you to the decision maker.

Yikes! What do you do?

Answer: You close your discussion graciously by asking: Who do you know (WDYK)?

I’ve used this angle many times. It’s amazing when you feel that you’re not progressing during a discussion, all of a sudden you ask – WDYK and the conversation takes on a new life of its own and this person can now connect you to someone…like magic!

This short video will give you a few pointers on how to ask WDYK.

So boldly go on your networking trail; try to move the discussion but if you find that you’re heading into a dead end remember, ‘WDYK’ and you could well be on your way to discovering your next prospect. Try it…it can’t hurt!

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