Paul Renaud @ ICF Converge17, Washington, DC

What a rush that was! Last month I was honored to be invited as Speaker to the International Coach Federation (ICF) Global Conference, ICF Converge17, in Washington, DC. Networking was the key driver to getting me on the list.

To put the 3-day event in numbers, there were: 1600 attendees, 62 countries represented 60 speakers & 72 presentations.
I walked away with a humbling experience since many peers have been coaching for 15 years or longer.

 And because the conference promoted Networking as a key area, I really believe coaches were able to relate to a Canadian Coach with a tongue-in-cheek approach to this ‘Networking’ thing. They’ve told me Networking can in fact help in getting new clients; to become more altruistic in the process and by practicing on me what they’ve learned in the workshop they got a free download of A Networking Book – the Law of Abundance in action!
 My ICF Converge17 peers are now Masters of Networking, walking away with some takeaways, methods and examples that have worked for me.
When we network and meet new people, we also learn.

So yes, THAT was a rush indeed! I made new friends and they’re on a mission to make Networking WORK for them. Thank you ICF and well done fellow ‘Rock Star ICF Coaches!’

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