Paul Renaud @ Business Days, Iasi 2014

On 1st and  2nd October, Paul Renaud was invited as a speaker at Business Days, Iasi 2014.

Paul gave a 2 hour masterclass on Generating Top Line Revenues with Marketing and also took part in a conference and 2 Business Networking sessions.

Masterclass – Generating Top Line Revenues with Marketing (October 1st )
‘Generating Top Line Revenues with Marketing – 5 land mines to avoid’ re-energizes and puts Marketing back where it belongs. The presentation explores 5 land mines – areas to avoid when the goal is to create Top Line Revenues with Marketing:
#1 Marketing…Sales…what’s the difference?
#2 Customer Experience-are we ‘In Synch’?
#3 Dealing with apathy. How Branding can instill a killer instinct
#4 Of course the campaign is integrated…
#5 We’ll measure it later

Conference 2 – Passion, the ingredient for success (October 1st)
As a manager you also have to learn what it takes to thrive in your career. This often comes down to one intrinsic element: passion. You either have it or you don’t–it’s the fuel necessary for driving your career forward, staying ahead, and ultimately finding long-term success.
A successful future for your business depends on your ability to turn your passion into drive.

Business Networking (Oct 1st and Oct 2nd)
Business Networking is all about people. Business Networking is perhaps the easiest way to convey ideas, find information, and meet new people, to understand the trends and tendencies in the business world and most importantly to build relationships based on trust.
As a manager or entrepreneur, you will learn how to improve your networking skills and establish meaningful connections in any given context.

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