Demigods, Aliens, & Ordinary People

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Demigods, Aliens, & Ordinary People

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We are influenced by role models, heroes and gifted individuals – past and present, demigods or aliens – because they’ve accomplished what seems almost unattainable for us as ordinary people.

Step into the shoes of a back-stroke swimmer, called Chris, who competed at two Olympic games representing Canada. Through Chris’s losses and triumphs, parallels are made between being an Olympian and being a leader. Both share the same ingredients: Goal setting, imagery, persistence and a good coach.

Find here the inspiration to accomplish great things simply by making up your mind and applying the principles.

*Paul J.R. Renaud is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and sought-after public speaker focused on helping executives optimize their opportunities for success.Paul coaches individuals and teams and he’s lived and worked in Asia, South America, North America, Europe and Africa.He’s also author of ‘A Networking Book’.



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