Good to Go intl. 2013

Good to Go is a national business event for students who are passionate about entrepreneurship and keen to develop professionally and to learn how to initiate a business. The project aims to help young people in their entrepreneurial development, giving them the opportunity to learn the secrets of a successful business from entrepreneurs recognized nationally and internationally.

The Ninth Edition of the project aims to carry on the Good to Go tradition, emphasizing, however, the practical side. Thus, this year, the project design includes several workshops on different topics combining theory with practice, so that participants have the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned from the conference.

Paul Renaud was a guest speaker in the 4th day of the event, on April 18th, the day dedicated to Marketing Techniques.

“How to Market You as a professional Manager or Entrepreneur” presentation was meant to help young entrepreneurs understand planning, the importance of time management and to discover their hard skills and soft skills.

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