The Goal setting Pyramid

goal pyramid
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Here are some easy-to-follow instructions – all on one page!

The Goal setting Pyramid is a PowerPoint document and it has 2 columns: Business and Personal. I have imported small boxes below each column in line with each category of Goals:

Process goals,

Performance goals,

End goals, and

Dream goals.

Enter your goals ensuring that they are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, or Time bound) in each box. Here is a brief explanation for each:

Dream goals: Is the ultimate; you are now 70 years old and you have achieved everything you wanted.

Ex:  Personal Goals.  You traveled to 40 countries; climbed Kilimanjaro; you have saved enough money for all your kids and your health needs; you and your spouse travel 8 weeks per year.

Business Goals.  You are the Chairman of ABC company and you are also on 2 other boards; your kids have assumed the small business you have created for them; you have launched a charity and you invest in 3 businesses. 

These are sample ideas but you need to write what is important for you.  

Other goals, to keep it simple:

Process goals: These are your day-to-day goals – within this current year: Business KPIs and personal.

Performance goals: Goals for years 2 to 5, business and personal.

End goals: Goals for years 6 to 10, business and personal.

I suggest starting with your Dream goals, then Process goals. Once done, write down your Performance and End goals.

Where to put these?
On the PowerPoint slide directly or if you are too busy, you can also use the Goal setting Pyramid Excel sheet and place them by category. I’m providing you my Excel tool with some examples – notice the deadlines to make them SMART.

Once documented, review them weekly.

Determine a scoring method say, scoring yourself on a scale of ten.

Rate them on a quarterly basis – rating them too often is not suggested because you need time to make these goals happen. Checking them too often may give you the impression that goal setting is not working.

Finally, don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember, a glass-half-full attitude will encourage you to reach your goals. Reward yourself when you reach a goal. Buy yourself a Snickers bar, go fishing with your friends, or shopping in London with someone special – this is important.

Put the date of preparation at the top. Enjoy the benefits!

Download the Goal setting Pyramid Excel tool here and the Goal setting Pyramid PowerPoint tool here.

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