Of course the campaign is integrated… 3rd pitfall

Marketing that generates Top Line Revenues implies Marketing initiatives that produce a significant return on the Marketing dollars spent.

On the topic of integration, budgets and measuring results I have found that the following pitfalls are common when we think that the campaign is integrated.

Common integrated campaign pitfalls.
Pitfall #1: Media that don’t reinforce each other

Pitfall #2: Create a budget first, metrics second.
Pitfall #3: Awareness vs. sales
Pitfall #4: Delegate and forget

As a continuation of my last post on the topic of campaign integration here’s pitfall number 3

Pitfall #3: Awareness vs. sales
Marketing agencies that are ineffective i.e. that struggle to turn advertising, public relations, direct mail, and other initiatives into sales probably will never admit to being ineffective, otherwise they are risking their credibility as ‘creatives’. Think about it. Awards are given out based on an agency’s ‘creative’ talent. Other awards – ‘Effies’ are awards that have proven that a particular campaign had a positive effect in revenues.
Rather agencies like to talk in terms of “image or awareness Marketing”. They will insist that although you can’t measure the performance of what they do, you should rest assured that image is improving, the strategy is catering to your target audience, reach is attained, the awareness of the brand is improving because you selected them
Horse feathers! If you hear such baloney from an agency pitching for your business, instruct them to go pitch for your competitor.
It is possible to design Marketing so that the initiatives and tools you create can generate customer revenues.
What you are looking for in a good agency or in a candidate to run your Marketing department-is that they understand the importance of integrating all of your Marketing initiatives.
It’s normal for an agency to spend a lot of time on the creative, either to seize the newly found customer insight and to become unique in the way it intends to address that market or audience or its innovative way to communicate the message. After all, the client’s brief did say ‘we have to be different’.
By the time they have done the creative there is little time for execution or better still integration. So they go based on what they remember-what they did in the past, as a benchmark. In most cases, the benchmark or what they did in the past carries no tangible metric or measure that is, ‘when we used TV+ Social media we saw a sales report from the client that sales increased by 20%.’

Rather, they use what they remember, and this seems to be a comfortable fit for what they consider as an integrated campaign. As a result the integration part gets 10% attention of the planning time. No wonder since you too were swayed by the really cool creative that you may have completely forgotten to ask the obvious…how is this integrated?
It’s happened to me on many occasions. I too, got caught up in the ‘sizzle’ of the creative and forgot to ask about integration. Don’t get caught like I did!

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